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Firefox dialog delay

Firefox has one second delay in dialog boxes for security. This delay can be disabled in settings. Enter address about:config in navigation toolbar, then opens setting page. Search for dialog_enable_delay and will appears preference name … Continue reading

Find out smtp maximum email size limit

To find out smtp maximum email size limit, connect to smtp server with telnet: telnet 587 or with openssl when need SSL support: openssl s_client -crlf -connect Next send SMTP command: EHLO … Continue reading

Skyworth T065 not signing into Google

Tested tablet Skyworth T065, but there was authorize problem with Google account, and therefore does not synchronize email, will not connect to Google. I looked into the tablet files, and there is a file /etc/hosts … Continue reading


Often in japanese language say chotto (ちょっと), translation is: easily; one minute; rather; some; just a little bit; through a short time; hey!