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Outbound links click tracking with Google Analytics

Google Analytics allows you to create events and track them. It can be used to track clicks on links to external sites. For example, we need to track only the outbound links and email clicks, … Continue reading

jQuery Jeditable and Chosen hybrid

Jeditable – edit in place plugin for jQuery. Chosen - jQuery plugin that makes select boxes user-friendly. So why not combine them together. This javascript code will let you select in place with Chosen select … Continue reading

Display data from long running PHP script with jQuery

When a PHP script is executed for a long time and it is not clear what it is happening, such as a long loop, a prolonged processing, rainy weather, or other magical things. That is, … Continue reading

Check if event exists on element

To check whether the event exists on element is possible with jQuery function date(). For example there is a form and if I need to bind an event submit() but before check submit event exists … Continue reading