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Local date format in PHP or MySQL

If locale is installed on the server then with PHP: For MySQL local date:

Display data from long running PHP script with jQuery

When a PHP script is executed for a long time and it is not clear what it is happening, such as a long loop, a prolonged processing, rainy weather, or other magical things. That is, … Continue reading

Text wrap for imagettftext


One line text does not always fit into a given width of the picture, then you need to word wrap the text to a new line, depending on the width. If only the width is … Continue reading

Calculate days between dates

Using php strtotime function difference between dates: Another way to set date with mktime function: Before PHP 5.1.0 negative timestamps were not supported. Under any known version of Windows date could be from 1970 to … Continue reading

Text language detection with php


Previously was Google Language API for language detection but it is now paid. I found an alternative way to detect the language of text using Text_LanguageDetect pear package with 52 supported languages. Here is lithuanian … Continue reading