Death Stranding fix for DirectX 12 Feature Level 12_0 not supported on GeForce GTX 960M

You will need d3d12ProxyEdrDx11_0 project which uses proxy functions and dll redirecting to try run Elden Ring on DirectX 12 hardware with feature level 11_0. This project is also suitable for the game Death Stranding. You need to download the project release files, unzip the d3d12.dll file and place it in the Death Stranding game folder, now the game should run.

Also, to fix online game errors (Access Violation Crash), in addition for Windows 10, you must disable Exploit protection for the game file. You need to go to Windows 10 settings (select the start button, then select settings) and type in search input Exploit protection, then choose Exploit protection → Program settings → Add program to customize → Choose exact file path, then select run file (ds.exe or DeathStranding.exe) from the game folder and put all the check to Override system settings and disable with Off and save (Apply).

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